Dale Clarke

The scrap metal recycling industry is at the heart of who Dale Clarke is as both an individual and an entrepreneur. Dale’s scrap metal roots begin with his paternal grandfather, who owned and operated the scrap metal recycling company A. Clarke and Sons in England. It was here that Dale’s father learned the trade before immigrating to Canada and starting his own business, Interlake Salvage and Recycling, in 1991. Dale began work at ISR at the age of fifteen and showed his natural affinity for determining metals and their grades simply by the touch. Dale credits ISR with supporting the first phase of his career as he learned all that he needed to learn to strike out on his own, like his father before him. 


When you work with Dale and Eco-Metallic Industries you get almost 100 years of heritage, combined with Dale’s own decades in the industry, transformed into a new way of doing business. Building on his knowledge of the limits of a traditional scrap yard. Eco-Metallic Industries is nimble and service-oriented, with the same graders seeing clients through from pick up to payment. Dale brings the kind of attention to detail and pride in his product that you’d expect from a third-generation business owner, with a focus on the future and all that he knows the scrap metal recycling industry has the potential to become. 


Kelly Tataryn

Raised on the beliefs of work ethic and self-betterment, Kelly started labouring in the scrap world at the age of 16. Slowly, he climbed through the ranks to become part Owner of Eco-Metallic Industries. With 10 years of experience in the metal recycling industry at only the age of 26, experience is met with youth to create a new path in the metal recycling sector. Thoughts that learning from the more experienced is crucial for continued growth in the industry. Combining those skills and lessons with current ideas and values, has insured a more direct route to his improved life status. Fixated on advancing efforts daily, to insure greater improvements over time, has become a focal point of his daily operations. Changing his ideals to become more positive overall as a person, has led to more opportunities and has changed his life for the better.


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