Take advantage of our free onsite scaling, pickup, and invoicing process.
Manufactured cutoff scrap materials is a large part of our recycling repertoire. Using our
smaller E Bins, will help to segregate material, boosting overall dollar value and turnover rates.
This allows you to put more money back into your businesses’ pocket and keep better
documentation of your total recycled scrap metals. Our hands on mobile operators cater to
your facilities scheduling needs by effectively coordinating and communicating with your staff.
You no longer have to worry how much material has been moved with our onsite legal for trade
scaling capabilities.




Join our movement by visiting us today.
See how we take customer interaction to a whole new level. The coffee’s always hot,
our ears are always open and the conversation is always friendly. Let us educate you more on
the scrap recycling industry, all while getting to know our team better. We’d like to be as
insightful as possible, so we hope you ask as many questions that you feel are necessary. Our
goal is to help you earn more cash when you recycle your scrap metals. Please feel free to stop
by at our location and let us take the weight of your shoulders, literally!


Specialized half, full, and mixed load pricing.

Looking for a better price for repeated business? EMI will cater to the small or growing business that will have a steady flow of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous materials. We can handle scrap loads in all shapes and sizes. Our buyers differ in the form that they offer differentiated pricing, have hands on knowledge of material, assist in unloading and processing and are deal
makers start to finish. This allows our buyers to contribute a level of customer service that is unrivalled in the industry. We’re open to expanding your knowledge to help you make more money, just like it should be.


Let us do the work for you!

Tired of lugging heavy scrap metals down to a yard? Why waste all the time and hard
work when EMI will pick it up free of charge? Our mobile units come equipped with certified legal for trade scales, scrap hauling containers, and hardworking mobile team members. We will lift, weigh and pay all on site taking the hard work away from the customer while recycling metal. Contact us to find more about free quotes and job evaluations.


Catalytic Converters/ E-waste:

Get quotes on your Precious Metals from your home or business.

EMI’s simple process of picture quotation lets the customer gain access to information
otherwise only given in person at a yard. Take a picture of your scrap catalyst or electronic waste with your smart phone or mobile device and send it in for a quote. We always kept the idea in mind that it doesn’t hurt to ask, and now it doesn’t! Receive real time quotes and information back on your material, better educating yourself on your material.